Everything You Need to Know About Pool Design and Pool Lighting

a city pool with innovative design.

To get the most out of your swimming pool, it is best to take your time during the design process. You are probably aware that swimming pools are a bit like people – they come in all shapes and sizes.

The Rod Cameron Brisbane based design team goes through all the options during the design process. Still, it is good to have an idea of what pool design and pool shape are right for you.

Our team will also talk you through the different lighting options. Adding lights adds interest and makes your swimming pool more inviting.

Swimming Pool Design and Shape

When it comes to swimming pools, there is no such thing as one size fits all. First, we need to take into consideration the layout of your garden. Secondly, we talk to you about the depth of the pool. Would you like a deep or a shallower pool?

Different Pool Shapes

You are not limited when it comes to pool design and shape. We appreciate most of our clients like to make a personal choice. Here’s a brief insight into different swimming pool designs.

Rectangular pools are great for easy maintenance and short-lap swimming. They are classically elegant and look great even in smaller backyards.

Another popular pool design is the kidney-shaped pool. A kidney-shaped pool is easy to integrate into the landscapes. It has natural sweeping curves and cozy corners for when you just want to hang out in your pool.

L-shaped pools are becoming increasingly popular. One of the benefits of L-shaped pools is that they are versatile. It is easy to include a shallower part for younger members of the family.

If you like to go for a more avant-garde pool design, you should consider a geometric pool. Visually, they look stunning and ooze modern appeal. If you are renovating an old pool, this is an interesting design concept to go for. This kind of pool design updates your entire backyard and home.

Freeform pools are custom-designed pools. They are packed with interesting design touches. Each design is unique, and the end result is striking.

The Rod Cameron swimming pool team will talk you through the pros and cons of different design concepts when we meet up.

What About Pool Lighting?

In our opinion, pool lighting is simply a must. Thanks to new innovative technologies, pool lighting has come a long way in recent years. These days, we have a choice of exciting options to offer you.

Pool lighting is also an essential part of pool safety. When you design and build a swimming pool, safety is one of the top priorities. You need to make sure that all members of the family are catered for.

Increasingly, we are using our swimming pools 24/7. As the climate gets hotter, we like to swim in them morning, noon, and night. To make the most out of using your swimming pool, having the right lighting system installed right from the start is essential.

Rod Cameron considers lighting a vital part of pool design. Technically, you can have as many lights as you like. But it is important to remember that pool lighting should always make your swimming pool look more attractive. Sometimes less is more.

Too many lights or wide-angled lighting add glare. This is not attractive if you have a smaller-size swimming pool. What you are looking for is balance. A well-balanced is an asset to any garden.

Ideas For Pool Lighting

You have probably already added LED lighting to your home. LED lights look great and are energy efficient. They are equally at home in your swimming pool. LED lights are excellent when it comes to durability and color variations.

Fiber optic lights are also becoming popular in swimming pools on the Australian Sunshine Coast. Once again, they are a relatively new concept. LED lights allow you to be more creative and flexible when it comes to pool lighting design.

Needless to say, the latest concept is solar lights. Three of the top benefits of solar-powered lights are easy installation and eco-friendly. Of course, they are also cost-effective.

No pool should be without underwater lighting. It increases visibility and also increases the ambiance. Underwater lights are simply a must-have. They can also add a touch of drama when you place them in the right places.

The latest trend is floating lights. If you want to add some fun touches, floating lights are great. They are fun and whimsical, and you can take them out when you don’t need them. A fantastic idea for swimming pool parties.

What Is Going to Work For You?

Mix and matching is the best idea. As mentioned, underwater lights are important for both safety and visibility. No pool should be without them.

We love the idea of floating lights. They are fun when you want to have a party. The great thing about floating lights is that you can take them in and out as you need them. But, you need more than floating lights to light up your pool.

Don’t Forget About the Surrounding Area

The surrounding area is important. The Rod Cameron swimming pool team is happy to talk you through what options are available. It is best to install all lighting options at the same time. Then you are free to get on with enjoying your pool and the surrounding pool area.

Final Thoughts

Rod Cameron can help you with everything you need when it comes to pool design and pool lighting. Right from the start, we will advise you on what pool design and pool shape is right for your garden.

Our experienced team has been building swimming pools on the Gold Coast since 1968. During that time, we have learned a thing or two about pool design and pool lighting.

All you must do to get started on your pool building project or swimming pool restoration is to give us a call. Our friendly team is always happy to help and offer advice.