Adding a Marble Swimming Pool to Your Garden by Rod Cameron

a man swimming in a marble sheen pool

Keeping cool is an important part of life on the Australian Sunshine Coast. Although the ocean is never far away, you can’t beat a refreshing dip in your own pool.

The Rod Cameron Pool Building and Renovation team has been building marble swimming pools in Brisbane since 1968. We thought we give an insight into what it takes to build a marble swimming pool.

Finding the Perfect Spot

The first thing we do is to identify the perfect spot in your yard for the swimming pool. Would you like it close to the house or slightly away from the back door?

You don’t want the location of your swimming pool to be too far away from the house. After all, unless you opt for solar power, you will need to have access to power to run the pumping and filtration systems. Most swimming builds we build have lights. They also need power to work.

Once we have found the perfect location for your swimming pool, we mark it out on the ground.

The Next Stage

If you are happy with everything, we start building your dream swimming pool. Needless to say, when it comes to constructing a new pool, a large part of the project is groundwork.

Our team brings in the equipment we need and excavation starts. Don’t worry, we know that pool building can make a mess. It is all in a day’s work for us. We will clear up the mess once we have finished.

Shaping Your Pool

When we install marble pools, we use concrete to form the basic structure of the pool. To us, the concrete structure is the most important part of the pool

If you check our case studies page, you soon realise this is when the pool starts to take shape. When we renovate a pool, we always check the basic structure is sound. Cracks and other damage are repaired.

Keep in mind every pool design is unique. Perhaps you want sweeping steps or maybe a more narrow entrance into your pool. We will talk you through the available options.

Your pool is designed with you and your family in mind. Our team makes sure that all of your instructions are followed. If we think we need to change anything, we talk to you about it first.

Letting the Concrete Set

Once the concrete has set, we start smoothing the walls and floor down. We need to do this to attach the marble surface.

To achieve the required finished surface, we use both tools and chemicals.

Can I Choose a Specific Marble Design?

Yes, we encourage you to think of your swimming pool as a blank canvas. To be fair, the design question is the most common question we get.

Perhaps you would like to swim with a dolphin. If so, we are more than happy to add one to the bottom of your swimming pool.

Maybe you like a turtle? If you have any ideas or design requirements, please feel free to talk your ideas over with our team.

Pool Lighting

It is also at this stage we start adding pool lighting. Once again, every homeowner like their pool to be lit in a certain way.

We talk you through the process of installing lights and let you know what design options work best.

Marbling Your Pool

Marbling your pool is perhaps with the exception of pump and filtration systems, the most important part of the construction process.

If you rush this part of the job, the end result is poor. It is better to take your time. All homeowners want their swimming pools to sparkle and look like
a million bucks.

Spending extra time when adding marbling is what is going to give you that perfect “glistening” pool. With the perfect marble finish, your pool continues to look great for many years to come.

Once we have completed the marble installation, we clean your pool. Just like when you tile a bathroom, you are left with residue. A pool should be 100% clean before the water goes in.

The Surrounding Area of the Pool

Once the marbling is complete, we start working on the surrounding area. Occasionally, one part of our team works on the marbling while other team members work on the deck or paving.

We recommend paying as much attention to the deck area around the pool as you do to the rest of the pool.

This is where you are going to sit and enjoy the ambiance of your pool. The better the finish, the more you will enjoy your swimming pool.

Any Extras?

Can we fit pool covers? We are not really into upselling, but there are some extras that we do recommend. A pool cover is not really an extra – it is essential as far as we are concerned.

Storms and bad weather can chuck debris into your pool. Sand and dust can wreak havoc with filters and cause other damage.

Soil and other garden debris including leaves and branches also cause extra work. A pool cover helps to cut down on maintenance.

As storms and unexpected weather events are becoming more frequent, installing a pool cover is a great idea. If you get it done while we are constructing the pool, you don’t have to ask us to come back.

A pool cover also keeps the water temperature in your pool more ambient during the cooler part of the year. This is especially important if you have decided to go for a heated pool.

Final Thoughts

If you would like to find out more about swimming pool construction, get in touch with Rod Cameron. You can also watch our video when you would like to know more about the swimming pool construction process.

Remember we can build pools in most gardens. If you have an old pool that has seen better days, we can restore it to its former glory. Not only do we build swimming pools on the Gold Coast, but we also restore them.

Thanks to our experience, we know we can create your dream swimming pool.

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