Project B- Common crack and preparation.

Project C- Crack through to completion.

Project D- Major pool renovation including the surrounding walkway. With no access for machinery the entire job was done by hand.

Project E - Renovation of pool steps and surround.

Project F- Lay new pavers around the existing pool and surrounding area. Regal sand pavers 40mm x 300mm x 300mm were used.

Project G- Major renovation with real lizard in finished pool.

Project H- Special project: Pool inside a pool. This pool was so degraded the only course of action was to use the existing pool structure, add new footings in the pool floor and bolster the existing wall.

Project I- Special Project: Reduce the size of an exiting pool and convert part of the pool into a wine cellar. This was a complex job. You can see the extent of the dividing wall with plumbing.

Project J- Couran Cove. Very large pool. Required to replace pebble finish with smoother marble finish and re-tile. Smooth marble finish is kinder to swimmers feet and easier to keep pool clean. Pool cleaners cannot adequately clean between pebbles which promotes algae.

Project K- Common Pebble Problems- Images show algae build up between pebbles where pool cleaners cannot clean.

Project L- Major Pool Renovation- Pool being prepared to replace pebble finish with smooth marble finish.

Project M - A complete renovation of this 4 metre deep pool.

Project N - Major renovation and removal of spa.

Project O - Resort, Tugan, Queensland. Remove pebble finish in poor condition and replace with tiles with marble finish.

Project P - Pool renovation with 400mm x 400mm quartzite tiles. Existing concrete was removed and new concrete laid under new tiles. Note blue marble finish on last image.

Project Q - Removal by hand of existing fibre glass pool lining. Structure was re-sprayed with concrete before finishing with tiles and hand trowelled marble.