Pebble vs Marble: which is a better surface for concrete pools in 2022

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Are you thinking about having a pool installed in your garden? Once you have decided on what size pool is right for your garden, you need to decide if you should choose pebble or marble surfacing.

On this page, we are taking a look at the pros and cons of both finishes.

What Is Pebble Surfacing?

There are two different types of pebble surfacing. You can choose between a polished or none polished surface. On occasion, you may pebbles surfaces referred to as polished aggregate and exposed aggregate.

Homeowners often choose a pebbled surface when they want a more designer and unique look to their swimming pool surface.

Polished aggregate is made up of small pebbles or river rocks that are added to aggregate. The aggregate is then polished down to make the final surface smooth.

Esthetically, this can look very nice. When the company has done a good job, you get a high-quality shine finish which looks great once water is added to the pool. One of the reasons polished pebble finish is so popular is because you can choose different finishes. Not only can you choose different pebbles, but you also opt for having glass beads added to the surfacing

Unpolished aggregate is made in the same way. The main difference is that the pebbles are not polished down. Instead of standing on a completely flat surface, you will be standing on a surface that has more of a texture to it.

What Are The Pros and Cons Of Polished Vs Unpolished Pebble Surfacing?

For starters, polished pebble surfacing is more expensive. You need to consider the amount of work that goes into polishing the surfacing. Making any kind of polished pool surfacing is in general more extensive.

Unpolished pebbled pool surfacing is less expensive. The cons often become apparent once the pool is finished and you have to clean it. Keeping an unpolished pebble pool clean is much harder. Pool vacuums are designed to work on flat surfaces. They may not pick up all of the debris deposited in the pool.

If you decide to go for an unpolished pebble finish, you also need to know that it is uncomfortable to stand on.

You can add glass to pebbled finishes. It looks great but over time the quality of the glass starts to deteriorate. That makes the pool look tired and old. Also, it can give an unpleasant sheen to the water making the pool look untidy.

A polished pebble surface will last for about 7 – 12 years. An unpolished pebble surface lasts for 10 – 20 years. The problem with polished pebble surfaces is that they may start to deteriorate over time. compared to unpolished surfaces, they have far fewer pebbles in them.

Marble Pool Surfaces

Marbled pool surfaces are perhaps the most popular choice. There is a variety of reasons for that.

One of the top reasons pool owners opt for marble surfaces is because they continue to look good for a long time. Compared to pebble surfaces, a marble pool surface will last for up to 25 – 30 years when you look after it.

Unlike pebbled surfaces, marble is also much easier to keep clean. It does not harbour algae as unpolished pebble pool surfaces do.

When you need to clean it and remove debris, you can easily do so using standard pool cleaning equipment including a pool vacuum.

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How Much Does It Cost to Have Marble As a Pool Surface Material?

The cost varies depending on what kind of finish you choose. You can go for highly polished marble which is more expensive. One of the main benefits of a marble surface is that it is so easy to look after.

You may find that chemicals in the pool water can affect a pebbled surface. That is something that you don’t have to worry about when it comes to marble. As the surface of the marble is sealed, chemicals used in pools do not affect it. If you are considering installing a saltwater pool, the best surface material you can use is marble.

How Long Does Marble Take To Install?

Marble takes a little bit less time to install. That means that your pool will be up and running much faster. When you are looking for a material that is going to stand the test of time and continue to look good, marble is the perfect choice.

It is a little bit like kitchen worktops. Marble kitchen worktops last longer as they are hard-wearing. The same thing goes for marble pool surfaces. They will continue to look good for longer.

There is another reason why you should choose marble. If your pool is going to be the family’s main playground, marble is the right choice as it is a much better quality surface.

Is Marble Comfortable for Standing On?

It has to be said that marble is much more comfortable for standing on. If you are going to be using your pool as a play area for water sports, it is always the perfect choice.

The other advantage is that algae do not have a tendency to attach themselves to marble. That means that your pool is less likely to become slippery.

A slippery pool surface can easily lead to falls. Pool safety is another issue to consider when you choose pool surfacing. If you need a smooth and even surface, marble is the finish that you should go for.

A marble surface is also less likely to leak which is a big bonus.


As always, you should discuss the options that you have with your pool installation company. They have years of expertise when it comes to installing pools.
When you would like to find out more about pools and pool surfacing, please feel free to give Rod Cameron Pools a call. They can help you to install a new pool or renovate your old one. Ask for a free estimate and find out how they can help you to upgrade your entire pool area.

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