Commercial vs Residential Pool Renovation: What’s the Difference?

Pool Renovation

Commercial vs. Residential Pool Renovation

 Renovation is the best way to give your old swimming pool a new life.
There are a lot of differences between a commercial and residential pool, including the size, depth and other unique building and construction circumstances. Regardless of the type of swimming pool you have, both kinds have one thing in common — they require proper maintenance and care.
Aside from looking worn and old, an unmaintained pool poses a lot of safety risks. The good news is: with the proper pool service company, you can make your pool not only look better but give it a total upgrade — from making it more energy efficient to improving its functionality.
Want to learn more about it? Read on for a glimpse of some of the basics of commercial and residential pool renovations and the services that we can offer you.


The biggest difference between commercial and residential pools is their size.
Commercial pools are generally much larger than residential ones — about three to five times that of an average residential pool — because they are open to the public and therefore, need to accommodate more people.
Here are some other differences:

1. Depth
A residential pool usually only as anywhere between three depths: shallow, medium, and deep. A commercial pool, on the other hand, commonly starts at hip height for adults and goes to higher depths, sometimes reaching twenty feet deep.
2. Design and Shape
Since residential pools generally depend on the homeowner’s preference, their designs are more unique and customized. Commercial pools, on the other hand, are more traditionally shaped because the main goal is to accommodate a lot more people
3. Water Temperature
Commercial pools are used for hospitality or therapeutic purposes, they are usually heated for optimal comfort.


Commercial pools are definitely harder to maintain, that’s why most of the commercial pool is being maintained by Pool renovation Company. These are the following dilemma of the pool owners:

  • Commercial pools are larger in size, have more water, and have more people using it. More people means more chances of bacteria and algae.
  • Most commercial pools are situated outdoors, and thus more prone to contaminants.
  • Because commercial pools are open to the public, they are used for longer periods of time. Sometimes the whole day.
  • Commercial pools are usually heated, and too much heat could be a breeding ground for different kinds of bacteria.


  • New pool construction
  • Pool renovation
  • Commercial pool refurbishments
  • Repair and update surfaces, tiles, coping and drains
  • Replace marble linings
  • Modern commercial pool designs
  • Add filtration systems
  • Leak repair


  •  Pool construction and renovation
  • Modern designs
  • Coping and tiling
  • Expansion joints and stairs
  • Re-marbling
  • Re-tile plus pavers
  • All filtration systems
  • Leak repairs


Because of its size and depth, commercial pools will most likely need a lot of major repairs and even remodelling over time.
To give you an idea how to improve your swimming pool, here is a rundown of our team’s top 5 ways to renovate a commercial pool:

1. Major Re-tiling
Chipped and damaged tiles are one of the most common problems that commercial pools endure. This is because tiles are primarily used along the pool’s waterline and tend to wear out over time. Aside from giving your pool a more premium finish, re-tiling also prevents the risk of having mould and mildew build up underneath any damaged tiles. New tiles can instantly modernise and transform an old pool to look like a new swimming pool.

2. Coping
Coping covers the concrete edges of the bond beam and hides the metal projection from the walls. Aside from aesthetic reasons, coping is important because it directs any splash-out away from the swimming pool and into deck drains. It also keeps contaminants, dirt and other debris from entering the pool. It also creates a non-skid surface near the pool’s edge. Most pool renovations will require repairs to at least some of the coping.

3. Filtration Systems
Issues with filtration often manifest in the form of cloudy, murky water that could result in hazardous swimming conditions. Our premium filtration systems are specially designed to remove debris suspended in the water by pushing it through a filtering media and trapping the material before the water returns to the pool.

4. Resurfacing
The ideal pool surface is smooth and anti-slip as well as durable enough to withstand constant submersion. Rod Cameron Pools are specialists in marble resurfacing. We often carry out pool renovation on very large commercial swimming pools. Many older pools may have been originally lined with a pebble surface. We specialise in marble surface which is far easier to maintain and clean gives a concrete pool a new lease on life. Pool resurfacing with our quality marble lining will increase the value of the pool. We can meet you onsite for a free quote for your pool makeover.

5. Leak Repair
Even small leaks in a commercial pool should not be ignored because aside from wasting water, it could also to lead to larger structural damage. Our services include the entire process of leak detection as well as a series of non-invasive pressure tests to determine the source of the leak and come up with the most sustainable solution.

6. Expansion Joints
Considering the weight and size of a commercial pool, expansion joints are a necessary addition that prevents the development of cracks.


Compared to commercial pools, there are more ways of renovating a pool as mentioned above about residential pool services, since these are mainly subject to the homeowner’s aesthetic and functional preferences.
Not sure where to start? Here’s a rundown of our top 5 ways to renovate your residential pool:

1. Deck Renovation
A pool deck is an important part of any residential pool because it provides a non-skid surface around the swimming pool. Our team is ready to construct a deck that fits the design of your pool, constructed to slope away to keep rainwater from picking up dirt and other debris from running into the water.

2. Expansion Joints
Considering the weight and size of a residential pool, expansion joints are a necessary addition that not only prevents the development of cracks, they also help your deck or swimming pool to adjust to movements and stress caused by harsh weather.

3. Resurfacing
The ideal pool surface is smooth and anti-slip as well as durable enough to withstand constant submersion. Rod Cameron Pools are specialists in marble resurfacing. Resurfacing will often be one of the most important things to look at with pool repairs.

4. Pool Heater or Pump
While outdoor residential pools are a great addition to any backyard, it can be a challenge to use during colder months. The solution? Installing a pool heater or heat pump to keep your pool temperature comfortable.

5. LED lighting
Give your residential pool a minor upgrade by adding in-pool lighting. LED lights are a great alternative to incandescent or halogen bulbs because they produce the same light but with less energy consumption. LED lights can really give the ‘wow’ factor for a pool interior at night.


Swimming pools generally start to show signs of wear after around 3 years, and the common signs range from chipped or worn out tiles or small leaks that could lead to significant water loss. While these may seem like minor repairs, it’s important to contact a professional pool servicing team to have them checked out as soon as possible. Remember, even the tiniest damage could cause major structural damage when left unchecked.
If it’s a general renovation you’re planning, the best time to do so would be during fall since pools take on the most damage during summertime. It’s also best to start before winter, as the cold weather could further damage any needed pool repairs.


Yes, it’s possible to change the shape of an existing swimming pool without having to start all over. The best plan is to speak with us before you undertake any pool renovations.
Whether you want to modify the depth, roundness or angle of your swimming pool, the first step is to always consult a pool renovations professional.


Regardless if it’s a commercial or residential pool, swimming pool renovations can be a challenging process. And if you keep ignoring any minor damage, the deterioration could only get worse.
But don’t worry: removing the stress of renovations is something that we specialize in. Our professional team here at Rod Cameron Pools will be by your side through the whole pool renovation process — from consultation, planning through completion.

Are you looking to complete pool renovations?

Whether its minor repair in a residential pool or a complete overhaul of a commercial one, our team has the experience and expertise to handle it all.