Renovations and Marbling


Preparation is extremely important. Our quality work starts here. Existing exposed aggregate, polished pebble finishes and membrane liners which are in poor condition or lifting are removed to present a sound surface for the repair. Structural cracks and exposed reinforcing steel are repaired and existing finishes are sand blasted and the pool chemically cleaned prior to being thoroughly washed.

Binding keys are applied to the clean surfaces. Binding prepares the existing surface to receive the new finish.

Cracks and other leaks are repaired

Binding keys are applied. Note coarseness of pebble


Virtually all early pools in Australia since 1963 were marbled with real quarried marble. All marbling was done by hand and lasted for a long period of time. Rod Cameron Pools still uses real marble and still employs these traditional methods which we have found cannot be bettered by modern methods and materials.

Marbling is very smooth because it is highly trowelled. Our crushed marble is mixed with the finest quality white cement and is heavily trowelled by hand to produce the smooth finish. White cement is much stronger and durable than normal every day "grey cement". The average pool will require approximately 2.5 tonnes of material.

An average thickness of 10 -12 mm of marble and white cement is applied. To attain maximum strength the marble and white cement is mixed to our special formula and allowed to cure naturally.

The smoothness and natural feel of marble provides a much more pleasant swimming experience. The natural beauty of marble also adds to the overall experience.

Marble is much easier to maintain because it is hard and smooth, unlike exposed aggregate and polished pebble pools.

The completed pool surface is done after re-tiling and coping.

Our marble and white cement does not contain asbestos.

Marbling is hand trowlled and tiles added.

Marbling completed. Note smoothness.


Marble vs Pebble

Rod Cameron Pools only work with marble. We are experts at marbling and believe a marble-finished pool is much nicer to swim in. Marble pools are slightly more expensive, but well worth it.

Other than the look and feel of a marble pool, the smooth finish is much easier to clean and keep clean when compared to exposed pebble finishes. The troughs between the pebbles can be up to five millimetres. Automated pool cleaning devises are unable to effectively make contact with the bottom of the troughs resulting in algae build up over time.

The smoothness of marble eliminates grazes and injuries to water softened limbs and bodies.

Marble: Smooth finish makes it easy to clean

Pebbles: Difficult to clean algae

How Long Does It Take?

We drain the pool. The next day we prepare the existing surfaces for the binding keys. On the third day the new marble surface is applied and re-filling the pool commences.

This is a guide only. Pool size and preparation of existing finish may effect the time required for completion.

Within days pool is ready to enjoy.

Job Completion and Quality Assurance

Rod Cameron Pools will provide instructions on what you have to do to ensure your pool is prepared correctly for your family to swim in.

The Rod Cameron Pools instruction sheet has been carefully prepared by the National Aust Testing Authorities (NATA). Rod Cameron Pools is the only holder of this instruction sheet in Australia with respect to pools.
The instruction sheet will ensure your water quality remains correct at all times. Additionally, your pool will be cheaper to maintain, easier to control resulting in longer life expectancy from filters, pumps and ancillary equipment.

Rod Cameron Pools offers a six year guarantee.


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